PFV haute couture case

Primum Familiae Vini

the PFV haute 
couture case.


PFV haute couture case

The Haute Couture Case is made from incredibly rare Marsh Oak that is estimated to be over 1,000 years old, by renowned artisan Thierry Drevelle in his workshop in Cognac, France. A millennium buried in marshland has made this wood almost anthracite-black in colour, which contrasts beautifully with the twelve rare bottles of PFV wines it now holds.

Each wine in the PFV Haute Couture Case is one of the greatest ever made by the twelve PFV families and they epitomise the legendary skills that have placed the twelve families amongst the world’s greatest wine producers.

The Haute Couture Case comes with a special PFV Passport. This passport allows the recipient to visit each of the twelve PFV members at their vineyard or winery for a private tour and enjoy lunch or dinner with the family.

The PFV Haute Couture Case is occasionally auctioned for charity, sometimes during a special PFV wine dinner held in one of the world’s great cities. More than USD 3,000,000 has been raised for children’s and other charities in recent years.

At a Sotheby’s auction in New York on 22nd May 2022 one PFV Haut Couture Case was auctioned for USD 237,500 in favour of the POLG Foundation. This is one of the highest prices ever achieved for a case of wine.

Primum Familiae Vini

the PFV limited
edition case.


The PFV Limited Edition Case is hand made from Marsh Oak by Thierry Drevelle in his workshop in Cognac, France. This naturally dark wood has been sculpted into an elegant curve that echoes the arches of the private cellars from which these wines have come.

Each wine in this rare case is one of the finest produced in recent years and the signature of the family member who selected it is engraved into the glass of each bottle.

All twelve bottles reflect the unique vineyards and the inherited experience of each family, and every bottle is destined to become a legend from its respective region. The PFV Limited Edition Case is one of the rarest cases of wine available and is a unique addition to any wine lover’s cellar.

Occasionally a Limited Edition Case is given by the PFV to a distinguished Head of State. Previous recipients have included the King of Spain and the King of Sweden.

Limited edition

Price and availability

Allocations will be made strictly by order of arrival of orders up to a maximum of twelve cases.

Any applications received beyond the stipulated allocation of twelve cases can, if the applicant wishes, go on to a waiting list and if some cases become available, the applicant may be offered a case, but no guarantee can be given and the decision of the PFV is final on allocation.

Contact: Christophe Brunet - PFV general secretary

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